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As a Server101 reseller, you remain the billing and technical contact for your clients, while we support you with the technical expertise and experience. There are no restrictions on how much you charge your customers for hosting, site maintenance, etc. If you are a web developer or operate within the IT industry, reselling Server101's hosting plans allows you to provide value-adding, complete web solutions for your clients.

Account Discounts
Basic Account: 20.00% Platinum Account: 30.00%
Premium Account: 30.00% Enterprise Account: 30.00%
Gold Account: 30.00%
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How does the program work?
Register by completing an application. This provides you with an ID and password to access the Reseller control panel to manage your accounts. There are no registration or membership fees to be part of the program. Reseller application form.

All you need to do to maintain Reseller status, is keep two (2) active accounts, this can include your own account. Accounts are activated immediately following registration.

Server101 charges the Reseller at the discounted hosting rate and you recover payment directly from your customer at your set rate. Server101 has implemented a seven (7) day delay for billing of Reseller accounts to assist with your client payment cycle.

New accounts are created through the Reseller management interface. Reseller Services

Private Label Program(optional)
This unique system allows you to offer hosting directly to your clients branded by your domain name. Your clients have access to a transparent control panel and services area.

Unlike most programs of this nature, there are no templates to edit or scripts to configure. All that is needed is a domain name and an active Server101 hosting account - you can then upload your header and footer and update some configuration options that are set within the Reseller control panel (eg. contact email address, account rates). Further customisation is possible through changing the default CSS template and uploading custom images.

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Private Label Program Benefits

Focus on your core business while the systems and infrastructure are maintained for you.
No fees to participate in the reseller program.
Provide hosting services directly through your website.
Simple and instant account registration process.
Minimal operating costs.
Completely transparent control panel for your clients.

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