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Private Label Program/Reseller FAQ





   What is the Server101 Private Label Program ?
   Server101's innovative Private Label Program offers the complete solution for Resellers to add value to their existing products and services. As a reseller, you decide how much you charge your clients for your hosting packages. This is possible because although technically Server101 hosts your clients' sites, the host branding is claimed by your business. Our incredibly reduced reseller prices mean the earning potential for your business is enormous! You can view our reseller prices here.
   How does the Private Label Program work ?
   Having your domain hosted at Server101 allows the magic to happen. Through some clever technologies we are able to completely mould a hosting environment around your own branding and details. For example, account information will be displayed at http://www.your_domain.com/join/ . The magic is that you will not have a "join" directory at all - our servers will recognize that your_domain is a transparent reseller domain and kick in the appropriate action. This will result in a list being displayed of all the available accounts, with your branding and pricing throughout. This also applies for http://www.your_domain.com/members/ , so you also have your own branded control panel ready to go aswell - nothing more to do !

The following directories will be automatically taken care of for you :

  • http://www.your_domain.com/join/ - to sign up new accounts
  • http://www.your_domain.com/members/ - manage existing accounts (map domains, setup email etc)
  • http://www.your_domain.com/support/ - provide instructions for your clients

    A complete suite of features available to your customers immediately!
       How can I become a Private Label Reseller ?
       To get moving with your private label you need to do nothing more than sign up for a reseller account and create your own hosting account under your reseller ID. No setup fees or software to install in joining the reseller program. Everything is automated through our Servers. Complete your company information, set your account rates, design your header and footer and your site will reflect the information you provide. The header and footers allow you to reflect the appearance of your existing website.
       What conditions and costs are involved in becoming a Private Label Reseller ?
       There are no costs involved in signing up on the reseller program. All you need is your domain hosted at Server101 and you are right to go. This will allow us to work our magic behind the scenes in order to transform your domain into a hosting environment.
       What discounts do I receive on hosting plans by being a Reseller ?
       The discount of each account depends of the type of account purchased.

    Reseller Discounts
    Account Type Percentage Rate
    Basic 20.00%
    Premium 30.00%
    Gold 30.00%
    Platinum 30.00%
    Enterprise 30.00%

       Do I have to use the Private Label program to be a reseller ?
       No, you do not have to use the Private Label Program to be a reseller. You can just leave the appropriate "transparent" sections in the Reseller section blank.

    As a standard reseller you can simply sign up accounts through your Reseller section.
       Can I resell domains ?
       Not transparently. However you can register domains through Server101 at the already discounted rate then onsell them to your customers as a part of a package or incentive. Although the Domain Management facility for domains registered through Server101 is not currently transparent, this should pose no problem if you manage your customers domain for them.
       Do I need a hosting account from Server101 to join the Private Label Program ?
       Yes. The hosting account will be used to store your website and map your domain to be used in the Private Label Program. These components are integral to the Private Label Programs function.
       I live outside of America. Can I take advantage of the Reseller Program ?
       Yes, that is no problem, this program is available in any country.
       How do I get started with Server101's Private Label Program ?
       1. Create a reseller account by filling out the reseller application form on the Server101 Website. Once the form has been submitted you can then create a hosting account (if you don't already have one) under your Reseller ID by logging into the Reseller Services with the Reseller ID and Password you received in your email.
    If you have an existing hosting account under your Reseller ID you will have to migrate it before the reseller system will work properly. If you have created your hosting account through the wrong channel and it does not show up in the account list of the Reseller Services send an email to support@server101.com and we will tag it with your Reseller ID.

    2. Once you have a hosting account, log into the Member Services section of the Server101 Website and map your domain to your account. Note: You need a domain for the Private Label Program to work.

    3. You can then delegate your domain and your customers' domains to :

    DNS Details
    Primary Name Server ns1.giga-sj-001.net
    Primary Server NetAddress
    Secondary Name Server ns2.giga-sj-001.net
    Secondary Server NetAddress

    4. Once your domain has been mapped and propagated successfully, insert your details into the Branding Details page and submit.

    Your domain should now be serving pages through:


    5. Now set your Primary & Secondary Rates for your customers. Note: Secondary Rates are not compulsory.

    6. Set your Header and Footer in the Reseller Services.

    7. If your an existing reseller and have customers prior to the launch of the Private Label Program, you may choose to migrate them to the new program. The choice is yours and you will have to notify your customers of the changes being made such as.

    Transparent Hostnames
    Server Type Old Hostname New Hostname
    mySQL Server mysql.server101.com mysql.youdomain.com
    FTP Server ftp.server101.com UserID.yourdomain.com
    Primary DNS Server launch.server101.com ns1.giga-sj-001.net
    Secondary DNS Server launch2.server101.com ns2.giga-sj-001.net
    POP3/SMTP Server mail.server101.com mail.yourdomain.com
    Client Virtual Domain userid.server101.com userid.yourdomain.com
    Secure Server secure.server101.com/userid/ secure.giga-sj-001.net/userid/

    Prior to migrating your exisiting clients, you or your customers will have to change some settings, including :
  • any scripts that have mysql connectivity (their path information will not change)
  • mail settings in Microsoft Outlook Express etc.
  • the domain used for their Merchant store ONLY if they are using member_id.server101.com (their own_domain.com will not have to be changed)

    If your customer does not have a domain mapped to their account we recommend you do not migrate their account.
    Note: You or your customers will have to redelegate their domains to your new nameservers, ns1.giga-sj-001.net and ns2.giga-sj-001.net

    Existing customers are migrated using the migrate script under the Reseller Services.

    8. And thats it. All you have to do now is link the new section of your website to your existing pages. Note: Existing customers that logged into the Member Services via http://www.server101.com/members can now only log in via your website. (http://www.yourdomain.com/members/)

       I have existing accounts, do I have to go transparent ?
       No. You are able to remain with your current setup. The transparent system only kicks in when you nominate your domain to be used as a transparent reseller domain.
       I have existing accounts, how do I go to transparent ?
       Firstly, you will need your own hosting account (if you do not have one at Server101 already) with your domain mapped to it. You can then nominate this domain in the Transparent section. After setting up your prices and contact information, make sure you contact any customers you are going to move across. This is because when you migrate your customers (using the facility in the reseller section), their customer_id.server101.com will no longer be valid - it will become customer_id.your_domain.com. Once you have notified existing customers, you can use the migrate facility to move any existing customers across.
    NOTE : Any migrated accounts will not be able to access through Server101, so they will not be able to use the control panel at http://www.server101.com/members/
       How come http://www.my_domain.com/join/ is not working ?
       Firstly, the server is configured hourly, so it can take up to an hour for your domains additional features to go live.

    You should check that you have nominated your domain correctly in the "Branding Details" section of your resellers section. Also, the account that has your domain mapped to it, will need to be migrated. This allows all the "magic" to happen behind the scenes. You can migrate any existing accounts through the "Migrate Existing Customers" link in the Resellers section.

    Note: When your clients sign up at http://www.your_domain.com/join/ , the account will be tagged with your reseller ID and migrated for you - you will not have to do anything further for accounts created this way.

       My clients are asking me technical questions I cannot answer, can you help ?
       Of course! :) Simply send your questions to support@server101.com and we will promptly answer any questions you or your clients can ask.
       What about nameservers and all that jazz ?
       Yes, you are even able to use nameservers and other domain references.

    Your name server information will be :
    ns1.giga-sj-001.net and ns2.giga-sj-001.net

    You can find out all the domain references (including MySQL and mail server locations) HERE.
       What are my roles as a Reseller ?
       Just as they would be if you had your own hosting company. To look after your client base and provide technical support and answer customer enquiries. The only thing you don't need to do is administer the systems and hardware infrastructure.
       Why can't I log into the Reseller Services ?
       You may be trying to log into the Reseller Services with your Hosting UserID & Password. Also make sure caps lock is not on, you don't get your l's(ells) mixed up with the 1's(ones) or vise-versa in your password and you have cookies enabled in your web browser. If all else fails send an email to support@server101.com
       Can I become an Affiliate as well as a Reseller ?
       No, you can either become a reseller or an affiliate.
       Do I need to organise my own secure gateway and merchant account to receive credit card payments from new clients?
       For the private label program you do need to organise your own payment system, whether it is a realtime processing system or whether it is performed manually via chequing, paypal etc, is entirely up to you.
       What is the minimum requirement for maintaining reseller status ?
       The only requirement is that you maintain at least 2 paying accounts under your Reseller ID. This can include your own hosting account.
       I do not want to charge my customers in US$ can I use another currency ?
       Sure. You can use any currency descriptor you choose.
       Can I purchase services for myself through the Private Label Program ?
       Thats not a problem.
       Can I have any more than one Reseller ID ?
       No, you can only have one reseller account per person or company.
       Can my clients use Webmail through my website ?
       Yes. Webmail can be found at http://yourdomain.com/members/mail/ .
       How does the billing process work ?
       When a customer signs up for an account through your website we will charge your credit card the discounted rate per the pricing structure. The method you choose to accept customer payments is nominated during the setup of your account for Private Label Hosting.
    There is a seven day grace period from the time of account creation/ renewal date to when the transaction is processed. This is to allow Resellers time to secure payment from their customer.
    If payment has not been secured and you do not wish to be charged, the account status can be modified to pending or suspended within the Reseller Customer Management section.
       When a customer of mine submits a credit card number for payment; where does it go ?
       It goes into the customer database, for your later retrieval, if you wish once you have it on your own system you can remove it or leave it.
       Can I sign up resellers or affiliates through the Private Label Program ?
       No, we do not allow tiers under the Private Label Program.
       Can I change the page contents within any of the Member/Support Sections ?
       You can add your header and footer to suit your needs this will be reflected in the Create Account, Member and Merchant Services, and Support Sections of the website. You can also add CSS to your header this will over-ride some of the elements of the website.
       My Customers can no longer log into the Members Services ?
       Your customers may not be aware that they have to log into the Member Services via your website (www.yourdomain.com/members/). Once you initiate the Private Label System your customers wil no longer be able to log in via Server101's Website.
       What if someone finds out I am reselling your services ?
       Honesty is always the best policy. Theres no shame or crime in being a Reseller. Infact many in this line of business choose to onsell and dedicate the companies resources to their main line of business. Whether it be Web Design, Consulting etc. It also gives the advantage of lowering overheads and compete more effectively in the market.
       The payment page does not seem to be secure. The padlock in the browser status bar is not showing.
       If the payment page is not fully secure, you may have private label images in your header or footer which are not relative paths.