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Become a Reseller

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Becoming a Server101 Reseller is easy as there are no fees. All you need to do is complete the Registration Form and have two (2) active accounts to maintain your Reseller status. Once you have submitted your application, an email will be forwarded containing your Reseller ID and Password. You can then commence signing up your accounts.

The discounted Reseller rates make it attractive to start selling accounts and to calculate your margins. Resellers receive a 20% discount off the Basic plan and 30% off all other plans. These discounts apply to all recurring payments. Follow this link to overview the reseller rates.

Account Discounts
Account Type Percentage Rate
Basic 20.00%
Premium 30.00%
Gold 30.00%
Platinum 30.00%
Enterprise 30.00%

You can view the discounted rates by plan and term here.

The optional Private Label Program requires an active hosting account and domain to function. An account must be created through the Reseller Services section to ensure the account is tagged with your Reseller ID and the discounted rates are applied.

A Private Label Program FAQ is available in Server101's Support section for further information on this option.

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