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When I was looking for a Web host, I started by making a list of all those who advertised in a popular Internet magazine. Step two: I checked them out on the web. Server101's site was full of useful and easily accessible information on various aspects of maintaining your web site - a definite plus. Step Three... I phoned everyone on the list and asked how long they'd been in operation as well as for details of their services. One web host responded with an answering machine. (That one was crossed straight off the list.) Another promised to email information that never arrived. Server101 stood out in terms of friendliness, willingness to answer questions, and their offer of a trial subscription.

After a two-week trial I was happy to sign up for the basic hosting package. Did their initial user-friendly approach continue once I'd been 'hooked'? You bet it did. On several occasions I had to get help to solve problems while I was learning the ropes... and always found the crew at Server101 ready with speedy backup and advice. (In fact, I found myself wondering if Martial Herbaut was actually some kind of Virtual being who had taken up residence in my computer, ready to pop up whenever I had a question.) It didn't seem to matter what time of the day or night I sent an email, it was answered within hours. Sometimes within minutes!

A few months ago I upgraded to Server101's Premium Hosting plan when I wanted to move into ecommerce. Their rates are way below some of the 'big guys' - with no compromise in service. Best of all, they're constantly adding new features and improving an already good service. I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Marg McAlister

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