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Here is where we will announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you have visited us before and want to know what has changed, you are always welcome to take a look here first.

November 20, 2020 We regret to inform that the Gnostic Center is CLOSED for ALL PHYSICAL visits and courses. The reason for this is the ever-permeating, intrusive, toxic and inappropriate environment of marijuana fumes coming from neighbors, neighbors' guests and people by the entrance of the building and adjacent sidewalk and public space. This has happened in different locations we have relocated throughout the city. These facts are showing that the NYC government and the NY State government cannot enforce laws that prohibit smoking marijuana in public spaces. Neither could the landlords control their own tenants' breach of non-smoking policies in their respective non-smoking buildings.

We are grateful to the NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers for their dedication and courage in doing their very best in upholding and protecting our rights to live in a safe and healthy environment ; their efforts are commendable, however not long after their intervention, pot smokers continue smoking in public spaces.

Our courses will continue in virtual ways: lessons by eMail as well as on internet video (FaceTime, Signal App, WhatsApp, Google Video, Skype) will continue being available free of charge.

This physical closure will remain in effect until further notice.

If you know of an affordable apartment at a place in NYC where there are no marijuana fumes in the surrounding areas, within a non-smoking building whose landlords enforce non-smoking rules and where there is no need to call 911 emergency because of marijuana smokers spreading marijuana fumes into the building and apartment, please let us know.

April 29, 2013 New Phone Number: 1 (347) 961-8465

March 14, 2013 New e-Mail:

March 07, 2012 NEW LOCATION: 3109 Roberts Avenue, Apt. 4-B, Bronx, NY 10461.

Please call 1-212-592-3640 prior to visiting us as space is limited. Thank you.

November 09, 2003 New Secure Mode.  SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer.  It enables our web site to use Server101's global secure server facility and have content from this website  encrypted between the server and the browser.  When you view a web page, the web browser on your computer requests the web page from the web server, which can literally be on the other side of the world. The web page must then travel to your web browser so you can view it.

Your browser would show a padlock icon ( ) in the bottom border when engaged in any web site in SSL mode.

Normally, any data going to and from your computer is not encrypted, so anyone with the inclination and the know-how can actually see what you are browsing.  More importantly, private information (such as credit card details and passwords) that you enter into a web page can also be seen.

When you view a web page using SSL, the web server encrypts the web page before sending it, and your web browser decrypts the web page before you view it.  Anyone sniffing around for information will be unable to see the web page you are browsing or read the data you entered.

SSL is generally used when someone is asked to enter private information into a web page form. That way, the information entered won't be seen by anyone other than the intended recipients of that information.

Those of you who receive a message such as:

should select "No", in order to remain with our web site's SSL capability.

SSL is now being implemented for our selected advanced students, who will be downloading advanced lessons that could confuse beginners in our studies and those who belong to the public lecture group.

October 09, 2003 New availability for private and confidential live communication through Hush Messenger.  You will need to create a new Hushmail account, in order for this service to work.
July 12, 2003 Added new recommended software in the Your Right To Privacy section:  Evidence Eliminator, and Pest Patrol (where an alert is added against a spyware software known as InternetALERT).
July 07, 2003 Added new Announcements web page.
April 04, 2003 Added new Search page and a new FAQ page.
April 03, 2003 Added new Flyer.  You are all welcome to download the Flyer and distribute it to all those interested in our studies, whether in printed form or as an e-mail attachment.  The document is in a portable document format (PDF); to view it, you will need to download for free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here:  Get Acrobat ReaderBefore downloading, we recommend reading our Disclaimer page, in particular, the Disclaimer on Hyperlinks to other Web Pages section.
March 01, 2003 We have moved to a new location next door:  1605 Overing Street, 2nd Floor.  Our new telephone number is:  1-212-592-3640.
July 04, 2002 Our eMail address at Hushmail has changed.  It is now:
May 12, 2002 Added new Hushmail private and confidential eMail address:  The previous one is no longer in use by The Gnostic Association -- City of New York.  For confidentiality to be guaranteed by Hushmail, you would need to create a free account at Hushmail (; no eMail messages will be received at our Hushmail eMail address if these messages do not come from another Hushmail account.  For more information on our stand on your right to privacy, you are welcome to visit our "Your Right To Privacy" web page.
December 27, 2001 Added explanations to the Mona Lisa or Gioconda (e.g., enlarged image, details of image are also added).

Added more graphics to the Seal of Solomon (e.g., other different forms, including the Pa Kua symbol).

September 12, 2001 Added new Condolences page.
August 27, 2001  Web site launched and published on major Internet web search engines.


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