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Disclaimer on similar-looking institutions

"Asociación Gnóstica de Estudios de Antropología y Ciencias, Asociación Civil (A.G.E.A.C.A.C.)" (The Gnostic Association of Anthropology and Scientific Studies) is the only institution founded by S.A.W.  

We have been informed that there are other institutions with very similar names here in the United States.  Please feel welcome to contact us if you wish to confirm any particular similar-looking Gnostic Center to be legitimately a part of our institution.

The Gnostic Association -- City of New York is not associated in any way with these similar-looking institutions with similar names, which are not part of the main institution originally founded by S.A.W.  Therefore, the Gnostic Association -- City of New York is not liable for any mistakes in instruction that may be made by these similar-looking institutions, where some of them, even use books written by S.A.W. himself.

The following criteria may be also followed in order to determine whether or not a similar-looking institution is a part of the original main institution (A.G.E.A.C.A.C.) founded by S.A.W.: In addition to the course of study we offer, the Gnostic Association follows a strict system of rotation for all instructors --every 1 1/2 years in Mexico (extendable to 2 years if the instructors have children in school and need to finish the school year at the place of designation), and 3-5 years in the U.S. due to a lack of sufficient instructors needed to cope with the demands of society in the U.S.--.  This instructor rotation system has been established by direct instruction from S.A.W. himself.  Any institution similar to ours that does not follow the rotational system of instructors, is definitely not one that belongs to the main institution (A.G.E.A.C.A.C.) that is legitimately founded by S.A.W.  In rare cases, however, an instructor is allowed to direct a Gnostic Center for a longer period of time; this has to be done with the approval of the International Board of Directors of A.G.E.A.C.A.C.  

Founding Directors, such as in the case of our Gnostic Center here in the City of New York, are given an undefined amount of time for establishing the Center, where the founding mission is accomplished once the membership group is firmly established and autonomous.


Disclaimer on this web site

The Gnostic Association -- City of New York is renting web space from Server101 for an information web site.  As of this moment, our institution is very satisfied with their service, which is quite user-friendly, and we recommend Server101 as the host for any web site our web site visitors may wish to publish on the world wide web.

The informational contents of this web site is solely the work and responsibility of The Gnostic Association -- City of New York, and this does not necessarily imply that Server101 follows, agrees and/or pursuits the principles presented in our web site.  

Any cookies that may be placed on your computer as you visit our web site --for whatever reason(s) may be (e.g., for a more personal browsing experience) is solely the work and responsibility of Server101 and not of our Institution.


Disclaimer on hyperlinks to other web pages

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For more information on privacy enhancements to your computer, you are welcome to visit our Right to Privacy page and related links.


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