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Course Topics 

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It is our pleasure and privilege

to invite you to free lectures, seminars and workshops

Our courses are being specially customized for people from all religions (as well as for people who do not believe in any religion at all), all cultures, all ages, all professions and occupations, both gender, etc.  Moreover, the applications of our courses in the field of forensic psychology have performed remarkable achievements in the past in correctional facilities ranging from Low-level security to Medium-level security.  Educational psychology researchers may find in our courses tools for exploring solutions to learning problems encountered by school and university students today.  Public Officials can make the most out of our courses as well, whose advanced practices may empower them to make wiser decisions and to become better statesmen that are of great benefit to all.

If your occupation does not enable you --for whatever reason-- to join our courses delivered free of charge in our Gnostic Center here in the City of New York, we are open to the possibility of delivering our courses via eMail (please see our Announcements web page for details on how to send us an eMail).  As privacy is of great concern to all of us, we welcome you to open an eMail account at Hushmail, whose server may enable you to communicate with our private eMail ( in a secured and encrypted manner.  Names of our students will be kept confidential, and will not be given to any third party.

Some topics delivered in its Free Public Lectures and Courses:



*    Spatial Sense and the Fourth Dimension

*    The Seven Dimensions of Nature

*    JINN States

*    Alchemy Unveiled

*    Regeneration (Tibetan) Exercises for overall health and rejuvenation

*    Gnostic Anthropology (combined with Objective Art and Psychology)

*    Faculties and Virtues of the Soul

*    More


Philosophy and Psychology

*    Authentic and Safe Psychic Development

*    How to Transform the Unconscious into Consciousness

*    Psychic Aggregates

*    What is the Mind?  Mental Representations.  Tapping the Genius Within:  Understanding the Mind & how to tap Higher Energy in our psyche to maximize the potential of mental capacity

*    Lucid Sleep-state Experiences and Conscious Astral Awareness 

*    Consciousness Awakening

*    Techniques for Consciousness Awakening

*    Ch’ang Meditation, Zen Meditation, General Transcendental Meditation, in their essential psychoanalytical principles, and more



*    Observation and study of Objective Art in Paintings, Sculptures, Scriptures & Legends, and other works of art in the Vatican, Archaeological Sites in Egypt, Greece, Central America, which are of relevance to the development and/or explanation of Gnostic Science, practical Gnostic Psychology, Authentic & Safe Psychic Development, Transcendental Meditation and Mystical Practices & instruction.

*    Observation of ancient legends from a psychoanalytical perspective

*    More


*    Compared Religions

*    The True Symbolism of Christmas

*    Christian Theology and mystical meditation

*    Buddhist Studies and mystical meditation

*    Philosophical Kabbalah, Mystical Kabbalah and Realizational Kabbalah

*    More


Where?        We are located in an excellent and peaceful neighborhood. 

3109 Roberts Ave., Apt. 4-B (5th Floor), Bronx, New York 10461 

How to reach us

Subway:  Train No. 6 to “Buhre Avenue” Train Station; walk on Crosby Ave. towards Roberts Ave. Make a right on Roberts Ave. and walk 3½ blocks further.

Buses:  Bx. 8 stop at Crosby Ave. and Westchester Ave.; Bx. 5 on Crosby Ave. and Middletown Rd. Walk towards Roberts Avenue.
Building 3109 is between Mahan St. and Parkview St.

Phone No. 1 (347) 961-8465

e-mail address:

Please call for reservation, further information and details, prior to visiting us.



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