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Phylosophical, Mystical, and Realizational Kabbalah

Here is a complete course for those of Jewish orientation, available upon request.  This is a highly advanced course that requires many pre-requisites; you are welcome to inquire.

Philosophical Kabbalah

The Tree of Life; the Ten Sephiroths, their resemblance with parallel universes and the implications of the Sephiroths in our own particular psychology.  Overview of other ways of studying the Kabbalah.

Mystical Kabbalah

This is for hand-picked advanced practitioners in meditation, especially those who are about to become members of our Institution.  An individual interview is required prior to the delivery of the course.  Jewish Transcendental Meditation; Magical Images; experiencing directly and the direct confirmation of the existence of each of the Ten Sephiroths; applications; more.

Realizational Kabbalah

"The Sephiroth are meant to be completely self-realized within..." -- S.A.W.  

Membership is required.  The Awakening Phase: experiencing each Sephiroth much more frequently.  The Resurrection Phase: Dissolving links with the "shadow of the Tree" (Qliphos), and becoming permanently awakened in each Sephirah.  The Ascension Phase: Incarnating the Sephirotical Crown (Kether, Chockmah and Binah).  The work of the Compassionate Boddhisattwa.  Direct application in daily living.  More.


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