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Our Story

Over a century of herbal medicine...

My father, Lyndsay Shume, is a fourth generation herbalist. The Shume family initially became involved in herbal medicine in the late 1800's, when Lyndsay's Great Aunty, Henrietta Shume, believed a herbal remedy (supplied by local South African natives) cured her of a suspected cancerous breast lesion. Henrietta went on to manufacture and supply this herbal remedy to chemist shops and subsequently formed the South African Herbal Society.

Both Lyndsay's grandfather and father carried on the family tradition of manufacturing herbal medicines. His father, Archie Shume, was a well known and respected herbalist in Northern New South Wales. These were hard times, as the Government authorities did not readily accept herbal medicine.

Lyndsay gained his early knowledge of herbs by accompanying his father to collect plants from the fields. Later, he had his practical training by apprenticeship to his father. Lyndsay was dispensing and practising before any Australian Herbal Medicine courses were established. He also spent time with herbalists Bert Wheeler and Charles Noakes (both past Presidents of the NHAA) in their practices. He studied herbalism with N.I.M.H. (England) before sitting for the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) examination.

Lyndsay attended his first NHAA meeting in 1959 and over the years has held positions of Secretary, Examiner and Treasurer. He has since been honoured with a Life Membership.

In 1988, Lyndsay had the opportunity to expand through the purchase of the manufacturing and wholesale business of Campbell Pearce & Company (due to Campbell's retirement at the age of 80).

Thus... The Herbal Extract Company of Australia was born.

Over the past 34 years the cornerstone of the business has always been QUALITY, PRICE & SERVICE, which we still maintain today. We have seen many changes in the industry, with the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice and the new code introduced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Although Lyndsay is still involved, the day to day running of the business is with the fifth generation; Lyndall my sister, Darryl my husband and myself. We continue to embrace the challenges of the industry and remain committed to supplying high quality herbal medicines.

Thank you to all the practitioners who have supported us over the years. We will continue to strive to bring you the highest quality herbal extracts and outstanding personal customer service.

Annette Lambert
General Manager